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Uh oh, did I just screw up?

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It just dawned on me...I may have missed an opportunity to fix Another issue. my jacks crapped out and I needed to replace the pump. Incidentally, my power steering had been squealing a Tish.... Now it doesn't.. Does the power steering pump also power the jacks??

2004 Diplomat LE 40 DST, 2013 Ram 1500 and a Harley Ultra Limited in the box.


  • The jacks and power steering are on separate hydraulic pumps on my 2001 Diplomat. The power steering runs off an engine-driven accessory belt and the pump for the jacks has its own motor.

    I did read somewhere along the line that some coaches have a hydraulically operated engine cooling fan. IIRC, the power steering and the fan run off the same pump.

    I don't get any squeal but I have the Sheppard M80 steering unit.

    2001 Diplomat 36b
    Hughes F&R watts, rear x-brace
    Usually towing '09 Rubicon or 22' box

  • My 07 diplomat has a separate hyd. pump behind the air conditioner condensor on the drivers side behind the rear wheels.

  • My 08 has separate pumps. :) :) First to post an emoji ?

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    PM 10Boomer
    Mine are seperate too!
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