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Cross Bars

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I'll start the first discussion with how to measure for cross bars. The various years and models have different length trailing arms. Pre 1999 and 2012 seem to measure about 48". 2000-2009 Diplomat,Knight,Endeavor, and Cheetah seem to be about 51". Camelots, Windsors, Sceptors and Beavers are different yet. So what it comes down to is you must measure to be sure. The attached PDF shows how to do it.


  • Mike; glad to see this. The original IRV2 posts were becoming almost too big, and it seemed like some folks were getting lost trying to determine if the info applied to them.
    This will give you something to do in your spare time.

    Doug & Sharyl
    Tucson, Az
    2002 Monaco Windsor

  • Installed the rear cross bar an the front watts on are 2007 Monaco knight lot of different in the handling now . This coach was a handful until now.

  • No not really .Need a second set of hands on the bell. Total driveway time with hand tool 4hour

  • Went to Mike's last week to do x-bars, front watts, and possibly rear watts. Mike had just done a 2004 Windsor and was able to do watts front and rear.

    He showed me the kits he has on hand. These are professionally crafted, top-shelf items. He has done a great job with these kits.

    We were able to do the x-bars, but couldn't do the watts on either end. Different front structure than the other units Mike has seen. He studied it and told me it was doable, but we would have to do it a later date because of fabrication time. I plan on having the TRW before we do a front watts.

    The trip home to Tucson was very pleasant (except for the LA traffic). Just the x-bars made a big difference in the way this coach goes down the road. The constant wandering is just about gone. What remains is entirely consistent with a loose steering box - not a lot of movement - just a bunch of small movements. I could feel the cross-winds, but is was more of a sideways pressure rather that the sudden "lets try to change lanes" push that it used to be. Same with trucks passing - I could feel them, but is was a more gentle push, allowing me to make a few small corrections.

    The bars were a good start. Now I'm anxious to get the TRW installed and apply Mike's engineering to a front watts.

    Mike and Wanda were great hosts, making me feel like I wasn't intruding. They even got the overnight temperature down to 29 to help me forget I live in Arizona.

    See you in Indio.


    Doug & Sharyl
    Tucson, Az
    2002 Monaco Windsor

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    Mike by early spring I will send you my measurements for cross bars. As you know I had some difficulty with large slide topper so it's getting fixed this week and roofline repainted.
    Wife says I'm on a fixed income since retirement, in English quit spending money on the coach everyday! Just like the race cars! Thx Mike

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    PM TomTomLab

    I ordered the Watts link and 50" crossbars from Mike! I got the crossbars installed last weekend (very easy to install) and was not able to install Watts Link due to my chassis being of a different config. So Mike has sent the new Watts link out to me. I just wanted to make a comment on the cross bars alone. I took a 250 trip one way this weekend and was blown away with the difference the bars made. It has eliminated 90% of my sway and almost eliminated 90% of my white knuckles. The coach drives a 100% better and I am so dang excited to see what the Watts link will bring. If it has any effective at all, my Camelot will drive like a car. I was a little nervous about the investment, but can say this. JUST DO IT. I actually feel very safe in my RV. My wife was blown away as well. I will update more as the Watts Link is installed!! Thanks to Mike and the who crew!!

    2003 Monaco Camelot 40pst
    2015 Chevy Terrain toad

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