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2008 Monaco Diplomat 40SFT Front and Rear Watts Links and Rear Cross Bars

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I received my kits for Rear Cross Bar Kit, Rear Watts Kit and Front Watts Kit. I wanted to install the rear cross bar kit before taking the Watts Kits to Josam in Orlando for installation. That way I would notice the difference in improvement at each stage. After installation of the cross bar kit, I took the coach on a 22 mile run down I75 and back. I noticed a big improvement in the handling of the coach.

A couple of days later, I took the coach to Josam in Orlando. It is a seventy miles, one way. Mark installed the Front and Rear Watts Kits. And Barry and Mark ran the coach through numerous hydraulic and air pressure inflates and deflates to make sure all the clearances where acceptable. On the way back, I went through two construction zones. The one in Orlando is about four miles long. The coach stayed straight the whole way through the construction. In Tampa, at the West bound I-4 to North bound I-75 ramp, it is also under construction. The driving patterns have temporary changes and use old pavement and temporary pavement. It always gives me fits. This time the wheels rolled through without any lurching one way or the other.

The next week, we met friends at the KOA on St. Augustine Beach. It is one hundred eighty miles away. On this trip I drove through every change of pavement, pot hole and did a lot of lane changing. I had not driven through Orlando in several years and did not know about all the construction. It was great for me. We learned that our coach could drive straight through all of it without all the white knuckles.

After 430 miles on the Watts-Links and Cross Bars, I think the ride improvement is well worth the cost. If it were not for Gussets that needed modifying, I could have done the job myself, but it is also good to have experts do the work. Just to make sure it is done correctly. The people at Josam in Orlando are very professional and very good at whatever they do.

Thanks to everyone that worked on these solutions including the Sheppard Gear box change out. Josam also changed my Sheppard PPN31 to a TRW on March 2. It really makes a difference in driving my coach.

Monte and Patty
2008 Monaco Diplomat 40SFT
2015 GMC Acadia

Monte & Patty
2008 Monaco Diplomat 40SFT
2015 GMC Acadia Toad

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